Ode to uke by Arthur Ravenscrag and Paul Andrews. A humurous illustrated ukulele book for beginner to expert

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  • A Ukulele Book for all ages and skills

    Ode to uke is a love story like no other. A clever and humorous dedication to the often maligned instrument, the ukulele. With chapters devoted to metal, country, Hollywood, Hawaii, and the heroes of the ukulele, you'll be laughing as you strum along.

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  • What's in the book

    The book contains: 100 pages, depending on what format you're reading. 11 chapters 18 illustrations Some simple chords to songs.

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    Ipad and Iphone version contaings Video & Audio when purchased from the iTunes bookstore.


Also available as Limited Edition Printed Book

Limited 1st edtion of 200, all hand numbered and signed in pencil. Printed on 100% recycled, uncoated evolution paper stock.

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